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I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science at McGill University, specialized in comparative politics and with a regional focus on Latin America. 


Photograph: Rose Chabot, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. March 8th, 2020.

My research

My research explores the role of feminist and women's movements in generating institutional and social change, with a regional focus on Latin America. At the intersection of comparative politics, public policy, and gender studies, my research speaks to the gendered possibilities and limitations of social accountability in democratic regimes.

Dissertation Project

My dissertation centers on the discourses and practices embedded in public policy processes from their constitution as policy issues to their implementation, in two areas: sexual and reproductive rights and gender-based violence. Through subnational comparison of three Argentine provinces, my dissertation unpacks how place shapes the ways in which feminist and women's movements and organizations challenge what constitutes the political.

2020-01-25 15.12.26-1.jpg

Source: Collage by multiple artists for exhibit at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Argentina. Photograph taken by Rose Chabot, February, 2020.

Projects under way and other aspects of my research

I work in collaboration with local and international public health scholars, sociologists, and practitioners, on the social impacts of policies on women's health in Colombia and Canada (Québec).

My research mostly mobilizes mixed and qualitative methods (fieldwork, interviews, and archival work), grounded in feminist epistemologies and methodologies.

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